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Eoin Kelly

Eoin Kelly is Headteacher at Ursuline High School. Prior to his appointment, Eoin was the Associate Headteacher and previously to that, the Deputy Headteacher from 2018. With a BA Hons degree, MSc and PGCSE, he has been in education for 26 years, teaching several subjects during his career including Geography, Physical Education and Vocational Education. Eoin has a long-standing track record of driving school standards in outcomes, as well as pastoral and school management responsibilities in his career to date. Eoin is passionate about the importance of the enrichment and wider learning opportunities in the curriculum, particularly those involving school journeys and trips.

Kate Page

Kate Page is the Headteacher at Ricards Lodge High School and the co-chair of Teach Wimbledon. Kate is also currently a member of the Strategic Board for the PGCE at Roehampton University. ​In the past Kate has previously held roles such as a Specialist Leader in Education, Chair of the Kingston and Richmond Heads of Sixth Forum, Director of Richmond Teaching School, Chair of the National Association of Teaching Drama and editor of the journal. Her special interest is in curriculum development and in growing expert teachers of their subject to inspire and empower learners.

Collette Farley

Collette is an Assistant Headteacher at Ursuline High School. She has been involved in the leadership and organisation of Teach Wimbledon since its inception in 2016. She has a BA (hons) degree and is an experienced teacher of Sociology and Psychology A level. She has achieved the NPQH qualification from the Institute of Education in 2014. As a senior leader, Collette has had a variety of roles from key stage 5 lead to leading teaching and learning and more recently NPQ coordinator. She has played a key role in developing successful practitioners and is dedicated to facilitating and developing Initial Teacher Training and maintaining strong relationships with a range of primary and secondary schools in Merton.

Annabelle Taylor

Annabelle Taylor is Deputy Head at Ricards Lodge High School with overall responsibility for Teaching and Learning and Professional Development. Annabelle has been teaching in London for over twenty years, originally training as a teacher of Design Technology. Recently, Annabelle has completed the National Professional Qualification for Headship and currently works as a facilitator on the new NPQ Leading Teaching Programme. During her teaching career, she has held a number of different leadership posts and works alongside the SSAT as a ‘Embedding Formative Assessment Ambassador’, supporting schools to embed the programme in their daily practice. Annabelle is passionate about providing all students with the tools they need to move onto the next stage of their education and to be an active member of the wider community.